The summaries in Passing Time in the Loo, Vols 1, 2, Vol 3, plus Passing Time in the Loo Shakespeare, provide an invaluable introduction to the classics – plus many timeless quotations and useful facts. Between them the volumes contain more than 300 summaries of well-known books – the books you wish you’d read but never had time to read.

Summaries are a valid way to get overviews and details.

Read more about the value of summaries – and speed reading

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Passing Time in the Loo, Book Summaries, Vol 1
Passing Time in Loo, Book Summaries, Vol 2
Passing Time in Loo, Book Summaries, Vol 3
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Why read summaries?
Summaries are one of the best ways of gaining knowledge – reading summaries is often more beneficial than reading the original book.

Summaries …
• save time – in the time it takes to read one full book, you can read several summary versions
• give access to books you wouldn’t otherwise read (those books you’d like to have read, without actually wanting to read them)
• give the overview of a subject which is what your brain needs in order to learn
• are the quickest way to become educated
• help you remember: research shows that people remember more after reading a summary than after reading the book (makes sense – there’s less to remember) Read more on the research on summaries
• give you the essence – someone else has done the hard work of synthesising the information (which you would have to do with the original book)
• give access to difficult information – or badly written, badly presented information
• provide knowledge in bite-sized chunks
• are ideal for reading in queues, on trains etc, when it can be challenging to concentrate on reading in depth
• act as ‘trailers’ for the original books if you decide you want to read them later
• serve as reminders for books you’ve ‘read’ but forgotten
• master speed reading – Download a FREE summary of 37 speed reading techniques ‘Spd Rdng – The Speed Reading Bible’

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